Joining the Trust

The ISAS Trust is available to all ISAS member schools that meet the following criteria for participation:

  • Full membership in ISAS
  • At least 60% participation by eligible employees
  • A minimum commitment by the school of:
    • 3 years for the health plan - school must be located in Texas or Oklahoma
    • 1 year for the Life or LTD plan - school must be located in the United States

Health plan underwriting requires that the school provide the Trust with at least the latest twenty-four (24) months of claims experience, as well as audited financial statements. The applicant school’s risk profile is compared to the ISAS Trust’s underwriting guidelines and a recommendation is made to the ISAS Trust Board.

There is currently no underwriting for the life or LTD products. The school will be required to provide a census to the vendor to establish coverage.

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