Medical and Prescription Drug

ISAS Trust offers two medical plans -- a traditional co-pay and a consumer directed health plan (CDHP) – using the BlueCross/BlueShield (BCBS) PPO network, so you can choose the plan that best meets your needs. Both plans offer comprehensive benefits and cover most in-network preventive services at 100%. Both medical plans also include comprehensive prescription drug coverage through CVS Caremark.

For schools that would like to offer a savings account, the CDHP plan is compatible with a Health Savings Account (HSA). With the HSA, you can use tax-free funds to help pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as deductibles and coinsurance.

The ISAS Trust requires that member schools make a minimum three-year commitment and meet specific minimum requirements to participate in the medical plan.

CDHP Plan SBCCopay Plan SBC

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA) contains provisions that require sponsors of health plans to publicly disclose files related to transparency of transactions. AmeriBen and SurgeryPlus create and publish the machine-readable files on behalf of the ISAS Trust. To link to the machine-readable files, please click on the URL provided by each respective vendor: AmeriBen MRF, SurgeryPlus MRF


ISAS Trust offers two dental plans through CignaDental. Both plans cover services like preventive care, fillings, crowns, and implants, and one plan covers orthodontia as well.

Plan Summary: Enhanced Option Basic Option


ISAS Trust’s vision plan is administered by EyeMed. The plan covers services like eye exams, lenses, frames, and contact lenses.

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