Joining the Trust

The ISAS Trust is available to all ISAS member schools that meet the following criteria for participation:

  • Full membership in ISAS
  • At least 70% participation by eligible employees
  • A minimum commitment by the school of:
    • 3 years for the health plan
    • 1 year for the Life or LTD plan

Health plan underwriting requires that the school provide the Trust with at least the latest two (2) years of claims experience, as well as audited financial statements. The applicant school’s risk profile is compared to the ISAS Trust’s underwriting guidelines and a recommendation is made to the ISAS Trust Board.

There is currently no underwriting for the life or LTD products. The school will be required to provide a census to the vendor to establish coverage.


The ISAS Group Benefits Trust has allowed Kinkaid to provide a competitive and comprehensive benefit to our employees while maintaining control of the cost of health insurance."

Don North, Headmaster, The Kinkaid School (Houston, TX)